How to make paper doll #girls in a sari doll

Today I’m going to show you how to make cute Indian sari paper dolls of your friends. While they might not be able to give an advice or make you laugh like your actual friends, they will hopefully be able to cheer you up whenever you’re missing your crew.Paper dolls are very fun too make, Today I just tried to make Indian girl with sari doll with paper ; I think sari is beautiful and bit difficult to wear ; but I am swear this paper dolls are quiet easy to make .

This paper dolls can use for greetings card topper; in this craft I just designed plain paper but you can use designed gift papers for this craft that may result more attractive.This is a great weekend or holiday project for the kids. Create a paper doll kit: Store the materials in a box or basket so its easy the work.To create the kit, collect drawing paper (little hard paper ),gift papers,colour papaers,and glue. making this dolls I do not used any templates I just draw the out line ,when you saw the video you can figure out how easy that is !

Here is the video link for learn how to make gorgeous paper dolls



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