How to make bangles with Resin

Needed things
-Resin solution
Resin Jewelry Reusable Plastic Mold
-leafs /flowers as your wish
-clear varnish
-small stick
2015-08-10 12.53.11
how to make
1.take the resin solution in the bowl
2015-08-10 12.54.17
2.Select some leafs /flowers as your wish
2015-08-10 12.54.37
3.Pour the Resin in to a mold
2015-08-10 12.55.09
2015-08-10 12.55.40
4.put leaf/flowers in to the resin solution
2015-08-10 12.58.33
2015-08-10 12.59.18
5.keep one day for dry
2015-08-10 13.00.03
2015-08-10 13.00.25
6.After dried can take it from mold
2015-08-10 13.00.55 of the bangle make it smooth with sand paper
2015-08-10 13.01.16
8.Apply one coat varnish on the bangle .., and allow it to try
2015-08-10 13.01.50
9.bangle is ready now
2015-08-10 13.02.28
some designs of Resin jewellery
2015-08-10 12.53.36
pic credit: FurnityurMolds



  1. I like this crafts postings
    I interested to make resin bangel
    Ware can I get these metiriols
    Pls tell address
    Iam in hydrabad
    Pls tell the cost also
    Pls reply
    Thank u


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